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KapitalBrand supports and protects the e-reputation of private individuals, individuals, media personalities as well as that of companies, brands and their managers.


KapitalBrand offers you to optimize your visibility on Google in order to increase traffic to your site based on the creation of premium content for excellent SEO and a better presence on Google which allows you to increase your customer portfolio.


The editorial team of KapitalBrand is of very high quality and is assisted by more than 25 professional journalists from print, TV and Internet media. This team of contract journalists gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.



With the expansion of the Social Web, the management, the control of the image and the information of the reputation on the internet currently represent a reality in its own right which should not be overlooked.

Whether you are an individual or a company, your image is constantly increasing through social networks and information published on the Internet. Thus, an outsourced e-reputation strategy and management service is the best response to these new challenges. Our structure on a human scale and our guarantee of confidentiality will allow you to control and build on your reputation capital.

KapitalBrand has developed all the IT tools for monitoring, analysis, monitoring and reporting for you to master the world of digital influence. Our experts graduated from the best schools and universities are trained and experienced to deal with the management and the problem of e-reputation.

KapitalBrand is a digital influence expert with 18 years of rich experience, trusted by 45 personalities and 80 companies.


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KapitalBrand is an E-reputation, communication and web agency used to guide you in the development of your communication and marketing strategy and above all allow you to better increase your turnover based on the sale of your products online!

KapitalBrand protects the brand equity and digital identity of companies, brands, managers and private individuals. Patent watch and protection.

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A new advertising trend, Neuromarketing is "marketing that uses functional neuroimaging to identify the cerebral mechanisms that underlie consumers purchasing behavior, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of sales actions by businesses."

With the technological boom we are experiencing in our time, Neuromarketing is of paramount importance when it comes to understanding the latent needs of consumers.

More revealing than the latter's responses (product reviews, advertisements, services, etc.), Neuromarketing directly uses the subject's brain imagery to measure what they think unconsciously.

Why do consumers buy what they buy? How much are they willing to pay? Why do some brands attract more than others?

In order to understand what drives consumer attitudes and behaviors, you will need more than traditional methods of market research.

Traditional tools, such as consumer surveys and focus groups, assume that consumers consciously express their preferences, while the majority of thoughts occur in our subconscious mind.

In other words, consumers don't choose 95% rationally according to studies by Marketing experts ... This is where neuromarketing comes in.

To overcome the limits of traditional marketing, KapitalBrand has developed a set of tools intended to analyze consumers expectations more deeply.

By using Neuromarketing, KapitalBrand will allow you to have clearer answers to these sample questions:

How desirable is your product?

What emotion is triggered by your promotion?

Which ad is most effective?

What price keeps the consumer away?

How do consumers feel at your point of sale?


Offering many advantages to the advertising world, the Neuromarketing study:

  • Constitutes an efficient and economical tool to evolve the options
  • Helps improve the content and practice of market research
  • Save advertisers money by getting consumers a rating reliable advertising before the creation of the finished product

So many assets in hand, KapitalBrand realizes for you, a complete, in-depth and above all direct study!

Surrounded by a team of experts in Neuromarketing, our structure has developed several tools to meet your needs, including understanding your type of target client, current or potential consumers.

KapitalBrand : e-reputation agency - Digital communication.

More than 45 personalities and 80 companies have already trusted us.