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Our structure

Legal service and friendly negotiation
Legal service and friendly negotiation with Internet content publishers and forum moderators.
Monitoring and management service for social networks, forums and blogs. Competitive intelligence.
Digital creation workshop:
Digital creation workshop: websites, blogs, high-level editorial. Creation of positive Buzz on the forums.
Live supervision room
Live supervision room for all of our business intelligence platforms, seeking information and economic influence.

Strategic thinking service

A tailor-made communication and marketing strategy via a process that includes:

  • market analysis with a sustainable and competitive positioning
  • defining objectives to deploy the marketing strategy
  • the choice of the target audience: Identify the target concerned
  • the design of the communication axis and the messages to be broadcast
  • The implementation of the communication plan: implementation in the field, media, etc.
  • finalizing the budget: calculating the financial means to carry out the actions established

Crisis unit

In the event of an attack, mass denigration on the web or boycott, we have the expertise to intervene and help you out of the crisis with:

  • The design of an adapted communication strategy
  • Define the best methods for disseminating your messages (emails, letters, phone calls, internet ads, journalists, etc.)
  • Manage media relations
  • A crisis community manager at your disposal
  • Build a strong message to enhance your reputation
  • Web-training for managers and decision-makers
  • A « war room »
  • Check negative publications etc.

KapitalBrand puts its experience in communication and crisis management to the benefit of its customers to respond and anticipate attacks that damage their reputation.

We have deployed 11 search engines and continuous monitoring to explore all web content and forums.

These tools allow you to synthesize and create audience and popularity graphs.

Our team publishes daily reports for each client, launching immediate alerts in the event of serious and massive damage to reputation.

Community manager: live intervention and writing of positive buzz on the forums.

Patent watch and protection service: Our services are equipped with a semantic search and watch engine specialized in international patent surveillance and protection.

Languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

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