Audit and digital strategy

CThe key to success, a Digital Strategy Audit enables companies or individuals to recoup their investments in digital platforms. Aware of the challenges of good organization and the elements to be taken into consideration for the success of digital projects, KapitalBrand's mission is:

  • Understanding the needs of its customers: Designing an effective digital strategy requires a clear general vision in order to establish a targeted action plan.
  • Organizational analysis: The management of platforms on the Web requires an optimal organization with the consideration of internal resources for companies (Budget and staff).
  • Identifying areas for improvement: After an overall analysis, the focus is on areas for improvement in an insightful way as part of a personalized digital strategy.
  • Set up concrete actions that are simple to carry out: Propose precise and easy-to-implement solutions to the problems detected.
  • Support and train with expert consultants in the field: Venturing into digital projects can be very lucrative because of having the right foundations. As a result, our structure also supports and trains the various players involved, whether it is the staff of a company or individuals who are embarking on the digital world.


« The Opportunity to Leave a Trace in Minds is the Essence of Marketing. » Steve Jobs

As Steve Jobs, who had revived the Apple brand in the 90s, understood so well, Branding is an essential strategy for carrying out digital activities.

Why ?

The first impression is what makes an impression, and nowadays, attracting the attention of customers or Internet users with the proliferation of marketing channels is a real challenge!

A challenge that KapitalBrand takes up hands down by helping you to position your brand and build consumer loyalty with a personalized branding strategy. Faced with very stiff competition, branding is what will allow you to establish yourself and maintain your position on the digital market.

Simplicity and consistency

From creation, branding is the process that will create a positive emotion among Internet users. Well thought out, this emotion will leave an imprint of identification or a sense of belonging among customers, something that makes all the difference and changes the game when you reshape your image. Essential, the visual identity must be simple and consistent in relation to the services offered or the products sold.

How? Or What ?

First, define who you are, your values ​​and what you offer clearly and succinctly before moving on to advertising campaigns. With the support of KapitalBrand, you will be able to create a connection with Internet users, build loyalty in the long term and thus guarantee the duration of your activities over time.


Community Management

When it comes to seeking visibility, a community manager has a big role to play, especially with the multiple mutations of social networks.

Professional in online advertising campaigns, the community manager is an important player that more and more companies and individuals use for the development of their business, regardless of their activity (sales, services, media personalities, etc.).

Present on all social networks and alert to all new community interfaces, advertising, etc., the community manager is responsible for:

  • Contributes to creating the company's communication policy
  • Enhance the image of the company, brands, physical entity (personalities, etc.)
  • Manage and animate an online community
  • Organize and set up advertising campaigns
  • Benchmark which consists in designing a reference point
  • Ensure the competitive intelligence of the company
  • Organize online events such as contests and promotional offers
  • Manage any crisis problems facing the company


Online Reputation Management is a new concept that is gaining momentum on the web.

E-reputation, digital reputation or web reputation is the global opinion of a brand, company or physical entity across the net. It is created by the subjective image that all the content posted online sends to an Internet user.

This reputation may be manufactured by the Internet user or by the brand itself on various sources such as: social networks (facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc.), blogs, forums, consumer reviews, etc.

With positive or negative opinions given by Internet users, online reputation is built and sometimes installed with surprising speed. Therefore, without monitoring and monitoring to monitor reviews and other publications posted by Internet users, the image that reflects a person or a brand among others, can become negative.

Indispensable, opinion monitoring is an approach which consists in paying attention to the flow of "noise" in order to intervene reactively on digital media.

Online reputation management focuses on analyzing the results of product and service search websites for:

  • Censor negative complaints
  • Use search engine optimization tactics to influence results
  • Initiate new communication with consumers
  • Identify trends from consumers to adapt to them
  • Define what stakeholders think to take specific action
  • Influence on digital media through positive content and visuals
  • Responding to user reviews proactively
  • Deleting photos that are bothersome or violate copyright
  • Reshape the image following strategies studied according to the brand, services, etc.
  • Counteract negative reviews by creating false positive reviews about the business, individual, or brand.

With the many developments in public relations, in line with the growth of the Internet and social media, as well as the advent of reputation management companies, the overview of search results has become an integral part of what defines "reputation".



SEO means "search engine optimization" derived from the English term "search engine optimization. This is the process of getting traffic from "free", "organic", "editorial" or "natural" search results on search engines.

All major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results. Web pages and other content such as videos or local lists are displayed and classified according to what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

His importance ?

The vast majority of online experiences start with a search engine and almost 75% of internet users start their searches on Google.

If you combine that with the fact that the top five results on Google generate 67% of all clicks, you've got an idea of ​​why search engine optimization is so important.

So if you take into account that billions of searches are done every day on the internet, a huge amount of specific traffic for the most part with a purchase intention, it means that people are looking for a product or service that you offer .

To put it simply, without a good "ranking" or good positioning on the search engines, Internet users will click on the first results displayed by passing next to your site.

Hiring SEO professionals is an essential strategy and a profitable long-term investment.

For example, suppose you are a manufacturer of equipment intended for catering professionals, your products have an excellent quality / price ratio, your site is perfect, your service impeccable ... but very few visits and not enough orders online unlike your competitors ... What is the concern? Your SEO is not optimized or almost non-existent, which is equivalent to a lack of visibility of your site on search engines. In this case, without SEO optimization, your activity cannot be boosted in the presence of so many digital competitors.

With the intervention of KapitalBrand, your visibility will be improved and you will benefit from an excellent positioning on search engines in just a few days thanks to our know-how and our experience which makes us one of the leaders in the field.

Positive communication campaign

Both positive and negative information is spreading at high speed in this digital age. This information is conveyed by internet users in a different way:
reviews, sharing on social media, recommendations, etc.

By mastering this promotional tool, you can reach a maximum of customers / Internet users by attracting them thanks to a positive communication campaign with high impact.

However, this marketing approach requires going through a few steps and a deep analysis of the target in order to avoid some errors such as pollution of advertising messages, unclear campaigns etc.

With the advice and support of KapitalBrand, your positive communication campaign will be developed in accordance with certain rules:

  • Target identification
  • Clear, creative and original content
  • A coherent and simple message to share

After these steps, several tools are put in place for your digital marketing campaign:

  • Emailing: Sharing clear, concise and short information for better understanding
  • Publications on social networks: Choose the most suitable dissemination channel, quality visuals, etc.
  • Teasers: Videos or messages that make you want to know more, etc.
  • Gift offers: Purchase discounts, coupons

Management of opinions on the Internet

Managing reviews on the internet is one of the important steps for successful digital marketing.

According to studies conducted on this subject, 77% of Internet users consult opinions on the internet before buying a product or paying for a service, 88% of them trust these opinions as well as personal recommendations.

Figures that demonstrate the usefulness of managing reviews online, especially since they also make the reputation of your brand, company or service.

Trained by professionals, our team is responsible for mounting tailor-made opinion management campaigns to adapt to your needs. With a long experience which allows it to anticipate and design targeted campaigns, KapitalBrand firstly carries out a study to design:

  • Consistent and transparent messages
  • A customer harvest integrated into your platform (evaluation, purchasing experience, etc.)
  • A system of constant monitoring of opinions with the objective of controlling negative opinions
  • Solutions to manage disappointed customers in a simple and positive way.

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